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OFG Newsletter January 25, 2012

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Would you like to be on our mailing list to receive periodic newsletters about our progress toward Prom 2012? Simply send Amanda a quick e-mail at amacasa@ymail.com, and you will be added to our list. Thanks!


It’s official– We’re official!!!! May 17, 2011

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This afternoon everyone at the Ocean Shores Post Office around 2:45 heard a squeal of delight, as I opened the OFG box and discovered a letter from the IRS within!  I think I am probably THE ONLY Ocean Shores resident looking forward to mail from the IRS!  The letter was a congratulatory one stating that our little program has indeed been granted non-profit, tax exempt, 501 c 3 status from the United States Internal Revenue Service!  This is one of those moments I can’t only be satisfied by a job I did well, but must also be grateful for the financial generosity that covered this cost AND for the grace of a God that seems to like what we got goin on here!  Halelujah!


Operation Fairy Godmother 2011…Mission Accomplished! May 9, 2011

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Wow!  What can I say?!  Our first ever Operation Fairy Godmother of Ocean Shores was a beautiful success!  Our 10 Cinderellas made every hour of planning and prepping worthwhile!  The community of Ocean Shores has embraced us so warmly and enthusiastically… of course; this town loves its young people!  We knew this would be a “learning year” for us, and we plann on wasting no time in preparing for next year’s mission.  Still though, it is nice to breathe a sigh of relief and take time to relish this moment of successful accomplishment.  I am just so very thankful… to the beautiful young ladies who allowed us into their lives and this important event, to my fellow Fairy Godmothers and all their talent, hard work, and dedication, to this wonderful town in which I live, and mostly to God for providing it all- the vision of such an endeavor, making it a priority for so many people here in Ocean Shores, bringing the young ladies we had the pleasure to serve our way, and all the resources that went into pulling it off.  Students of North Beach, you do indeed matter, and you are indeed loved!


The Cinderella Experience April 5, 2011

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I can hardly believe it!  Our “main event,” the one day all this planning (well, ok, not ALL the planning) has been about, is THIS SATURDAY!  April 9 is the day our Cinderellas are coming to find their dresses, shoes, jewelry, and make appointments for their Prom Day Make-overs.  We are all so very excited!  Look for pictures to be coming soon after!


February Meeting February 1, 2011

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Our monthly meeting for February is being held at Fairy Sara’s house on Friday the 18th at 6:30.  More information can be found on our Facebook page, OFG- Operation Fairy Godmother of Ocean Shores.


Kiwanis Luncheon

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This afternoon, Operation Fairy Godmother of Ocean Shores was invited as the presenters at the weekly business meeting of Kiwanis of Ocean Shores .  After enthusiastic support and encouragement was shown us by the extremely friendly philanthropic group, we were handed a check for $500!  We are so honored that this group- known for tirelessly supporting the youth of our community-would give us their “stamp of approval,” let alone follow that up with such an unexpected and generous donation!

Thank you!


Important Dates January 24, 2011

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Please go to the “What We Are Up To” category for some “save the dates” information!